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Game News
Welcome to Blood and Loyalty

Blood and Loyalty's primary focus is PvP. We are a brotherhood; always loyal to each other, fierce in battle, and never wavering to our enemies. We are structured like a military; our ranks actually have meaning. These ranks come with responsibility where you can lead your fellow brothers into the heat of battle. But we all have to start somewhere, and that is where we need soldiers. We need loyal members to fill in the ranks under our Sergeants, which are broken down into squads. With this organization we can plan critical strikes at our foes and always be on top of our game.

There are several ways you can earn a rank in Blood and Loyalty, and its never by kissing ass. Only hard work will get you a promotion.

1) Spend the time representing Blood and Loyalty and gain Influence for the guild.
2) Find new recruits to add to our ranks.
3) Make deposits into the guild bank.
4) Prove your worth in PvP. Show that you can lead your brothers into battle.

Everyone has a place in Blood and Loyalty, and there is a chain of command:

- For every 4 Soldiers/New Recruits, there is a Sergeant.
- For every 4 Sergeants, there is a Commander.
- Generals are a special case, number of Generals are dictated by need.
- There are council-type positions near the top for logistical purposes only. These ranks hold no "command" power in the heat of battle. For purposes of PvP, they are treated as Soldiers.

Any comments, send me a letter in-game.

May we be loyal to each other while we stand on the battlefield stained with the blood of our enemy!!!

Guild News

Rawr!! (''')(*,..,*)(''')

CinisterOne, Sep 2, 12 6:03 PM.

That is all ^_^

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Vitharr, Aug 19, 12 5:09 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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